Working at home

Dear students,

Here you will find the email addresses of your teachers, any doubt you may have, do not hesitate to contact us.Image result for working at home gif

5th Advanced Miss Jimena Salazar
5th Upper Miss Poulette Gutierrez
5th Intermediate 1 Miss Lizette Aliaga
5th Intermediate 2 Miss Mariela Carreño
6th Advanced Miss Jimena Salazar
6th Upper Miss Mariela Carreño
6th Intermediate Miss Poulette Gutierrez
6th Elementary Miss Lizette Aliaga
7th Advanced Miss Jimena Salazar
7th Upper Miss Lizette Aliaga
7th Intermediate Miss Mariela Carreño
7th Elementary Miss Poulette Gutierrez
8th Advanced Miss Jimena Salazar
8th Upper Miss Poulette Gutierrez
8th Intermediate Mr. Sergio Naranjo
8th Elementary Miss Mariela Carreño
IM Advanced Miss Ingrid Vergara
IM Upper Miss Evelyn Sepulveda
IM Intermediate Mr. Sergio Naranjo
IM Intermediate Miss Camila Arias
IIM Advanced 1 Miss Ingrid Vergara
IIM Advanced 2 Miss Evelyn Sepulveda
IIM Upper Mr. Sergio Naranjo
IIM Upper Miss Camila Arias
IIIM Advanced 1 Miss Evelyn Sepulveda
IIIM Advanced 2 Miss Ingrid Vergara
IIIM Upper Mr. Jorge Meneses
IIIM Upper Miss Camila Arias
IV Group A Mr. Sergio Naranjo
IV Group B Miss Evelyn Sepulveda
IV Group C Mr. Jorge Meneses
IV Group D Miss Ingrid Vergara

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