Wednesday,  June 10th

Dear students,

You really rocked in the first evaluation.

Let´s go for the second one.

Go to your teacher´s page and you will find the 2nd Formative Assessment. remember that you will have a week to answer it and that it doesn´t carry a mark.

Follow the instructions for each paper and do your best.

Do not forget to write your full name ( name and two surnames).

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Dear students,

We have passed a time working remotely and we would like to know how well you have done it so far.

That is why we have prepared a formative evaluation, which does not carry a mark, but it would give us some clues about your performance.

We invite you to take part in this quiz, which is very similar to what you have done before. You will be tested in Reading and Listening skills, using the same kind of items you have worked with.

Take your time, you will have a week to answer, there is no need to hurry.

Go to your teacher´s page and solve the quiz.

You´ll rock it!